Micerium Lab is research and development in orthodontic industry.

The MICOS project was born to offer our customers a landmark for the realization of their customized prosthetics artifacts, with the warranty of high quality materials and new generation technologies and the reliability of the services offered by the distributing Company.

MICOS is a line of dental implants, among which: implants, inside connection, transmucosal implants, external connection implants, mini-implants, orthodontic implants.

MICOS is a line of prosthesis for implantology obtained with CAD-CAM technology, for any implant platform. Micos furthermore, offers a guided implant system and surgical kits.

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    OSSTEM implants have acquired several International quality certifications (FDA, CE, ISO9001, TGA). Many different implant lines are available, and they can be optimized upon the anatomic condition and the surgical situation. OSSTEM implants are of excellent quality and are developed through advanced production techniques. They can be used in the majority of clinical cases.